Steven Cowley’s youth was spent coaxing sounds from his ZX Spectrum and the family Atari. Along with piano lessons and a love for cheap instruments and charity shops, it was a natural step to start putting some of these influences into his own music.

After playing in several bands, he purchased his first laptop and started making remixes and original material. Throwing whatever he could find into the mix – old keyboards, borrowed guitars, vinyl found lying in the street – Camp America came to life as a one-man project.

Remixes were commissioned by Bloc Party, Athlete and others, and the Camp America EP was released in 2008, including one song written with (and sung by) Athlete’s Joel Pott. This collaboration led to more writing together, and it soon became clear that there was potential for a full-length album.

The result is the new album “Intuition & Dreams”. Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack contributed his guitar skills, and singers/MCs as diverse as JT Daly (Paper Route), Savvy and Chloe Leavers also got involved. With influences ranging from pop artists (Pet Shop Boys, the Cardigans) to producers (DJ Shadow, Son Lux), the whole record is held together by an appreciation for strong melodies and a production style that draws from the past but looks to the future.

“Intuition & Dreams” is available from as a download and as a limited CD release with a LEGO case.