If you’ve got the limited edition LEGO CD case or read the text file that comes with the download, then you’ll already have these credits… but if not, here they are.


1. You Can Always Dream (featuring Chloe Leavers)
2. Automan (featuring Juva)
3. Any Kind Of Pulse (featuring Joel Pott)
4. BMX Dream (featuring Michael Bear & Russell Lissack)
5. Powerskills (featuring Savvy, Joel Pott & Russell Lissack)
6. Space Race
7. The Camera Never Lies (featuring Michael Bear)
8. Zap Zap (featuring Chloe Leavers)
9. Leader Of The Pack (featuring JT Daly)
10. Travel Electro
11. Down By The Lake (featuring Juva)
12. Never Wake Up


Steven Cowley – programming, keyboards and bass guitar on all tracks. BVs on tracks 4, 7 and 8. Guitar on tracks 7, 8 and 9. Trumpet on track 9.
Joel Pott – vocals on tracks 3 and 5. Additional programming on tracks 2 and 5. Guitar on track 7.
Russell Lissack – guitar on tracks 4 and 5. Atmospheric noises on track 4.
Chloe Leavers – vocals on tracks 1 and 8.
Savvy – vocals on track 5.
Michael Bear – vocals on tracks 4 and 7.
Juva – vocals on tracks 2 and 11.
JT Daly – vocals on track 9.

Tracks 1, 6, 10 and 12 written by Cowley
Tracks 3, 4, 7 and 8 written by Cowley, Pott
Track 2 written by Cowley, Pott, Horne
Track 5 written by Cowley, Pott, Cudjoe, Lissack
Track 9 written by Cowley, Pott, Daly
Track 11 written by Cowley, Horne

All tracks produced and mixed by Steven Cowley at The Lego Room, except:

Any Kind Of Pulse – additional production and mix by Mark Underdown
BMX Dream, Space Race, The Camera Never Lies – additional production and engineering by Peter Abbott and Joel Pott

Mastered by Robbie Bronnimann at Robot Studios UK

Original cover photo by K Portin

Please check out all the artists featured on this album:
Joel Pott – http://www.twitter.com/joelpott / http://www.athlete.mu
Chloe Leavers – http://www.chloeleavers.com
JT Daly – http://www.paperrouteonline.com
Juva – http://www.juvaman.co.uk
Mark Underdown – http://www.markunderdownmusic.com
Michael Bear – http://www.michaelbearofficial.com
Russell Lissack – http://www.blocparty.com
Savvy – http://www.saving-grace.co.uk

Thanks to: Everyone who contributed their voices and musical talents, Mrs America, Ian Mizen, Joe Clegg, Charlie and Sunny.

Management: Ian Mizen – ian@jaxmanagement.co.uk


LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this album.